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Features: Fast response combined with High Accuracy. Lightweight and compact. Splash-proof membrane keypad. Electrode can be extended up to 80mm. Pocket clip moulded on the rear of the case.  Specifications:   PH5011 PH5011A COND5021 COND5022 TDS5031 TDS5032 ORP5041 EC5061 Type: pH Conductivity TDS ORP EC Range: 0-14.0 0-14.00 0-19990μS 0-1999μS 0-19990 ppm 0-1999 ppm ±1999 mV 0-20.0 EC Accuracy: ±0.1+1 digit ±0.01+1 digit ±1%FS ±1%FS ±1%FS ±1%FS ±2%FS ±1%FS Resolution: 0.1pH 0.01 10 1 10 1 1 0.1 ATC NO YES YES YES YES YES N/A YES Battery: 9V 1.5Vx3(or 9V) 9V Dimensions: Meter:158 x 40 x 34 mm, Carrying case: 165 x 100 x 40 mm Weight: Meter: 85 g(w/o battery) complete kit: 250 g   Accessories for complete kit: Standard solution Battery Screwdriver Carrying case Instruction manual