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Category: Water

The VT is designed for quality control applications in the manufacturing process of industrial products such as petrochemicals, paint, and adhesives, as well as foodstuffs. Viscosity measurements covering a wide range are possible, such as gear oil used in construction machinery. Measurement is performed by simply submerging a rotor in the fluid. The resistance to rotor movement caused by the viscosity (torque) is measured to obtain direct readings.

Category: Water

Style    Voltage 110 V±10%; 220 V±10% Frequency 60 Hz±10%; 50 Hz±10% Measurement Range 1-1×105mPa·s Rotor Specification 1#,2#,3#,4#,four kind rotors(You can determine viscosity as low as o.1mPa·s with 0#rotor, need another $100) Measurement Error ±2%(Newton liquid) Rotor Velocity 6 rpm, 12 rpm, 30 rpm, and 60 rpm(automatic) Ambient Temperature 5°C-35°C Relation Humidity ≤ 80% Dimensions 370 mm × 325 mm × 280 mm Net Weight 6.8 kg Warranty One year