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Available in in-line or standard versions Available with standard or ruggedized K-plug ends Fluke Networks in-line banjo modular adapters allow you to easily complete testing and obtain circuit access on working lines without disrupting service. Each adapter has a number of advantages including angled copper contacts that prevent alligator clips from coming off during testing, small holes in each contact for easy probe insertion, and clear circuit markings on the sides and bottom of the unit. Our Standard Modular Adapter has four clearly marked contacts for proper termination, and provides field technicians with a quick connection to modular telephone jacks using any standard butt-set equipped with spring clips.

Quickly qualify the facilities for DSL services including ADSL, VDSL, HDSL, T1, and other special services. Easily identify and locate possible problems to ensure reliable performance. Install new services efficiently with fewer call-backs. Verify connectivity and network performance to ensure that next-generation services perform up to your customers' expectations.

Replaces up to sixteen traditional test sets Troubleshoots and qualifies lines for POTS, ADSL and other special services Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) feature allows precision fault location Fast, accurate and easy to use Compact, rugged and weather resistant

Full featured, handheld T1 test set at an affordable price Instantaneous detection and display of framing, line coding, errors, alarms, level, frequency and more Transmits and receives common Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) patterns and includes all common loop codes, including HDSL

Protect yourself and other technicians by using this simple device to test conductive objects Avoid exposure to high voltage electrical shock Compact, lightweight and easy to use Assists with OSHA compliance Recommended for use in the field when working near potentially dangerous objects including: Transformer cases Circuit breaker housing Power ground wires Street light fixtures Mobile homes Metal frameworks Metal conduit Pedestals Newly-driven ground rods Metallic siding homes Electrical machinery